We Will Make edge of th▓e water cask under

y would hav▓e sent me packing at the fir●st canal station. The positio●n grew more painful hour by hour, bu▓t with the beginning of the “●graveyard” watch my body gre●w numb and I sank into a

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half-comatose ●state that was not sleeping. Daylig●ht brought no relief, though the sunsh●ine, filtering through the canvas, dis▓closed

the objects about me.There came ▓the jabbering of strange tongues a●s the crew quarreled over their work ▓about the deck.Now and then, a shout from a● canal station marked our progress.Passengers▓ mounting to the uppe


r deck b▓rushed against the lifeboat in their● promenading.From time to t▓ime confidential chats sounded in my ▓ears. All save the officers soo▓n retreated to the shade below.In the arid dese●rt through

which we were steaming that day m▓ust certainly have been calori●fic.But there, at least, a bre●eze was stirring.By four bells▓, the Egyptian sun,



pouring d

own upon the ●canvas, had turned my hiding place in●to an oven.By noon, it resemble●d nothing so cool and refreshing.A r▓a

ging thirs

t had long since put hunger to fligh▓t.In the early afternoon, as I lay motion●less on my grill, there sounded t